Two Bridal Shower Cakes for Two Brides

We, the founders of Taylor Made, are getting married in August. While we would have loved to make our own wedding cake, we decided that would just be too much stress and pressure (though we’re thrilled to have a very talented baker contracted by our venue!). So instead, we decided to make the cake we would have wanted for our Paris-themed wedding for the bridal shower, which our maid of honor, Danielle, threw for us a couple of weeks ago.

Paris-themed Eiffel Tower bridal shower cake (Taylor Made Sweets and Treats)

This red velvet cake is a weirdly-scaled version of the Eiffel Tower, with clay figurines of the whole wedding party. We’re on top in our wedding dresses, our honor attendants are on the second level, and our bridesmaids and bridesmen are all on the lawn (bridesman Kevin even has our puppy, Tina on his stomach!). We tried to give each person a pose or prop(s) that represents them, to really capture their personality. I guess we’re not saying much about our man of honor, Jesse…but even he can’t deny that he enjoys the occasional alcoholic beverage. Based on the amount of work that went into this, Ican’t say I’m not relieved that we don’t have to worry about this on top of everything else the week before the wedding!

Bee-themed bridal shower cake (Taylor Made Sweets and Treats)

Naturally, because it’s us, we couldn’t settle for one cake. So we made a second one to fit the summery bee theme Danielle had planned for the shower. This one was a vanilla cake with lemon filling, and we’re thrilled with how adorable it turned out.

Bridal shower cakes seem to be our “thing” at the moment. We’ve done three shower cakes so far, and will be doing cakes for two (possibly three) more over the next year. So…brides, we’re here for you! 🙂