Bridal Shower ‘Wedding Dress’ Cake

Last month, our friend Carolyn had her bridal shower. Since I’m in the wedding, what better bridesmaid gift could I give her than a custom cake for her special day? She knew about all the plans for the shower, so she requested a chocolate-filled chocolate “wedding dress” cake based on a picture she saw on Pinterest.

The first step was creating a mini dress form to top the cake. We used foil-wrapped posterboard covered in a layer of black fondant, with sugar pearls to create a necklace. After the below picture was taken, we cut out a white dress top to match Carolyn’s sweetheart neckline and beaded corset.

Bridal shower dress cake preview (Taylor Made Sweets and Treats)

Once the cake was baked, Christine tried her hand at recreating the buttercream roses we saw in the Pinterest picture. She did an amazing job for her first try at this! I love this look, and it’s surprisingly simple to do, albeit a bit time-consuming. It’s super important to use a shortening-based icing though; otherwise, the roses will melt. We’re glad we learned this lesson before making Carolyn’s cake on a hot August day!

Bridal shower dress cake icing roses (Taylor Made Sweets and Treats)

Finally, we assembled the cake and added a custom banner bearing Carolyn’s soon-to-be last name.

Wedding dress bridal shower cake by Taylor Made Sweets and Treats

This ended up one of the prettiest cakes we’ve ever made, and we kind of hope more brides ask for this type of cake at their showers.