Halloween-Themed Birthday Cake

Halloween is our favorite holiday, so we were thrilled when Christine’s cousin asked us to make a haunted house cake for his wife’s surprise 30th birthday party a couple of weeks ago. We had so much fun creating classic spooky characters like a ghost, a vampire and a witch to serve as the residents of our sugary structure. We lined the house and walkway with a piped wooden fence and grass, and added some fondant pumpkins and tombstones to decorate the lawn.

Christine once had aspirations of being an architect, so I know this was a particularly exciting cake for her to work on. She took care of every detail from the individual roof “shingles” and shutters to the lion door knocker. Jess, we hope you enjoyed this cake as much as we loved making it!


Haunted House Cake (Taylor Made Sweets and Treats)

Haunted House Cake (Taylor Made Sweets and Treats)