Oreo-Filled “Oreo” Birthday Cake

Last year, we made a cake shaped like a Lean Pocket for my sister Danielle’s birthday. We all loved that one so much, that we’ve officially decided we’re always going to make her a birthday cake that looks like one of her favorite foods.

Since Danielle loves Oreos, we made a round devil’s food cake with a cookies and cream filling—doesn’t get more “meta” than an Oreo-filled Oreo-shaped cake. I’m not usually a fan of naked cakes (the frosting is the best part!), but I loved the simplicity of this one. The piped “cream filling” and Oreo details were just enough to give us our frosting fix without making the cake too heavy.

It may not be the fanciest cake we’ve ever made, but 10/10, would make (and eat!) again.


Oreo birthday cake - Taylor Made Sweets & Treats

Oreo birthday cake - Taylor Made Sweets & Treats