Halloween-Themed Gender Reveal Cake + Cupcakes

We’ve recently discovered that ghost cakes are our new favorite cake design. They’re super easy and REALLY adorable, especially when they’re wearing cute little sneakers and have a full trick-or-treat bag.

Halloween-themed gender reveal cake - Taylor Made Sweets and Treats
This precious little 8-person cake was made for a friend-of-a-friend couple who was announcing the sex of their baby to their families. The inside was a carved yellow cake with bright pink frosting, in honor of their upcoming baby girl.

Fondant trick or treat bag + candy (TMST)

The mom-to-be shared that her favorite candies were Snickers and Reese’s Pieces, so we decided to fill the ghost’s treat bag with fondant replicas. Look at that cute li’l smiley face Christine drew!

Gender reveal cupcake set - Taylor Made Sweets and Treats

In addition to the cake, the couple asked for matching cupcakes filled with the same pink frosting inside. We think it turned out to be a pretty cute set.

Gender reveal cupcake - Taylor Made Sweets and Treats

A huge congratulations to the parents-to-be!

-Nicole & Christine